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DAST Service, Ltd. offers these services:   Preventive maintenance

  • all regular inspections and preventive technical operations aimed at improving the service life of equipment and elimination of potential stoppage due to failures
Ordinary operation
  • daily operation of the building and equipment and setting them to the required parameters
  • control of the building and equipment and recording of parameters in compliance with the requirements of operational orders and diaries
  • control of internal climate
  • maintenance of external reinforced and non-reinforced areas (lawns and roads)
  • control and records of energy consumption
  • maintenance of prescribed operational documentation
  • managing the supply of spare parts and consumables and replacement
  • technical advisory and recommendations in relation to the conformity of installations with the corresponding standards and decrees and relating amendments
Access to the emergency service
  • ensuring non-stop emergency service which would be at the disposal for the client 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – on the phone
  • interventions: response period 90 minutes after the call or alarm report of the control system
  • all minor work, regular controls and removal of minor defects, repairs or packages of repairs and replacement of materials not exceeding 2 hours or SKK 500 in one case and performed within the preventive maintenance
  • for the repairs and work exceeding this financial limit, DAST Service s.r.o., will provide an offer including all materials and prices for the client
  • in general, DAST Service, is able to fulfil the requirements of the client regarding all required repairs and minor work, it has technicians at its disposal to ensure specification, performance and management of respective interventions
  • the interventions may also be made outside the normal working hours
Expensive maintenance
  • these are extensive technical operations and revisions and mid-size repairs and overhauls of the individual technologic sets which shall be performed within the intervals prescribed by the corresponding manufacturers or due to their wear and dear or age
  Technical inspections and revisions of reserved technical equipment
  • these include mandatory technical inspections, tests and revisions of reserved technical and fire-fighting equipment stipulated by the valid standards and regulations
  • DAST Service Ltd. will warn the client on the need to perform them
  • services in the area of control and performance of matters relating to the above stated acts and the maintenance of building and the matters in the area of energetics, safety and health protection at work and fire protection
Every year, the client will receive a report summarising the development in the former year, assessing the results achieved and including recommendations for the next year.   If you would like to get more information, please, contact us.   


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